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There are no additives to our extracts.  What you get is a naturally rich and flavorful extract that will keep for years to come....though I'm assuming people don't normally take years to finish a bottle.
Buying from local farms and artisans not only maintains that sense of community, it also means you're purchasing a product that was made with pride.  Each one of our extract batches are unique. 
Our extracts are steeped in small batches....I'm talking 24oz-canning- jars small!  Each batch is given up to six months or more to steep!  In the future, our plan is to steep our vanilla in small 5 liter barrels for our proprietary blends!!
Chickoree Knoll

We are proud to offer a variety of homemade extracts using local or American-made spirits!

We strictly use New England-made spirits for our vanilla extracts.  For all of our other extracts, we use American-made.  Our coffee extract is our odd man out due to it being made with a Caribbean Rum.

Ode to Extracts......

There are so many recipe variations when using different extracts other than vanilla.  For example, if there's vanilla extract being called for in brownies, substituting either a chocolate or even a coffee extract could completely transform the richness of your plain ol' brownies.  It's completely mind boggling what the possibilities are...and that's just with brownies for the love of Pete! (Our daughter loves that saying so I had to add it!)

Not just Extracts.......

Yes, extracts are our passion; however, we also love creating home goods such as stenciled dish cloths, pillows, upcycled t-shirt market bags, and decorative rice packs (for warm and cold compresses).  We are also making wood crafts such as engraved signs, soap dishes, and coasters available by this summer!!